Friday, February 3, 2012

Please, keep your fingers crossed for me!

I just came back home, from the first job interview in 10 years. Can you imagine? I have worked for the same company for 10 years.

The posibility that I will get this job is not that big since I am just one of many candidates. But it is nice to think about new opportunities that may be waiting for me.

I like the work that I do. But I do not agree with the way that our management runs the company. I wasn't really happy there for the last few years, but I kept it, because I needed it for social security (please read it: to easily have one year of 100 % paid maternity leave). Since now it is cristally clear that I will never ever take maternity leave (at least not in this life), I can easily start looking for a new job.

To sum it up: so happy!


  1. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for ya...sending only positive thoughts your way.

  2. dear Heather & Jen,
    thank you so much!
    That made me think of one thing. For the last six years a lot of my friends kept their fingers crossed for me - but it was always just for one thing: that that IVF treatment would work out.

    SO - this is an important step for me - my friends (for now online) are keeping my figers crossed for me for something new!

  3. How can they not make you first choice? You're fabulous!

    1. thank you, Pamela!
      Well, hope that owner also sees how fabulous am I :)
      The interview lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes, so this is a good sign.

  4. good luck !

    I had a interview recently the first in 6 years, and I did not get the job. For the longest time, changing job wasnt an option, with the ivf cycles because of my insurance. I am not sure if i will apply for a new job soon, I want to take the time to make a sound decision and not just run away to escape my problems (the interview was for a job on the other side of Canada), but it felt good being able to feel moving forward and not stuck at the same place, like I used to feel

    1. dear Nadine,
      even if you didn't get a job, it is great feeling - to be alive again and not stuck at the same place. That's how I feel. The majority of coworkers / friends have also had the same job for the last five to ten years. But almost all of them had big changes in their personal lives and I am just stuck at the same place.
      Anyway, even if I do not get the job... it is great feeling to be alive again and that something might change.
      Your post gave me an idea for new blog :)
      best wishes to you!