Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freezing cold

It is a national holiday in Slovenia, so I have a day off to do whatever I want. My husband is working, so the day is completely mine.

When I do not feel like cooking for one ( and today I don't) I always phone my mum and invite myself for lunch. My nieces live in the same house as my parents and it will be nice to see them.

After lunch I have a date with an ex-coworker, it will be nice to see her again. We will have a short walk and then some  hot tea at my place. It is so freezing cold! In the morning we had -18C (-0,4 F) and during the day there will be -10C (14F). Soooooo cold!!!

Yesterday after work I took my dog for a long walk. It was lovely despite the cold. Volk loves Sibirian temperatures! And we haven't meet even one person outside.... we felt as the last survivors on Earth.

So, as you see, my life is nothing glamorous. But I like it the way it is. Cosy, peaceful life. My life.


  1. Brrrr. Very chilly where you are. Glad it's warmed up by the ones you love.

  2. afternoon with my ex co-worker was nice. It was nice catching up. She is my age and she has three kids under the age of 5.
    When she started to have all those children it was really hard for me. It was too painful to listen to all the cute baby stories. So we lost contact for some years.

    Now I am already able to see broader picture - she was so tired .... Only now I am able to see how much sacrifice mothers with small kids make.

    So - I am looking forward to my husband coming home any second now. And then to good night sleep (that will definetely not be disturbed by crying sick babies).

  3. I should be having similar temperatures where I live, but winter isn't making a big presence here this year. I love winter, enjoy your holiday!

  4. You = -18C. Me = 33C. A difference of 51C. Hard to imagine!!

    1. dear Mali,
      I envy you!!!
      This winter is the coldest that I can remember. But it is nice - everybody talks about low temperatures, snow...
      There is snow even in Rome (very unusal). And since they are not used to snow, some people wanted to remove snow by pouring water to it.... and now there are lots of icey surfaces. I found it so funny!!