Saturday, November 19, 2022

When everything magically falls into place where it belongs


Someone has written how good it is not to know what lies ahead. It is not only good, it is excellent and necessary. Does anyone's life go the way they imagined it would when they were in their twenties? Probably no one. But that is not tragic at all. Life is varied, it is interesting, and we need to be aware of everything that is happening to us all the time. The whole art of life is to be able to face what is coming at every moment, even if it is sometimes unpleasant and something we would have gladly avoided.
At least for myself, I can say that I find that everything that happens to me is part of my life story, and I would never have planned it that way. If we had known what was coming, we would have been afraid of it all along. But in this way, at the right time, step by step, we are gaining the strength to face it. For me, that is a true miracle.

Written by: Metka Klevišar

There is so much wisdom in books in many different languages around the world that never get to be translated into English or any other important language. So I am sharing this beautiful text with you.

I have recently read a book in Slovenian language (it hasn't been translated) by a Slovenian doctor, Ms. Metka Klevišar. The title of the book is "Everyone has their own story, this is mine". I loved the title and I loved the book! After that I read another book, I translated one page from it so you could read as well. 

Ms. Metka Klevišar was born in 1944.  She got MS already when studying medicine, but she didn't let her disease define her. She worked all her life as a leading oncologist, she was active also in many other areas of life. She is childless (but this doesn't define her either).

Here is her blog in Slovenian language:

With the help of translater:

it is very easy to read it! 

Friday, November 18, 2022

Childless aunts & Grandchildren & Paris

When I work something in the house I like to listen to radio where they cover wide range of topic. Yesterday there was a topic about inheritance and a lawyer was answering questions.

I am not joking - but half of the questions were about a childless aunt who died and who will inherit everything she owned. 

I hope at least some of the nephews and nieces who had many eager questions regarding inheritance were kind to their aunts. 


I attended a new language course today (it's French of course). There were 10 of us. We had to present ourselves. All the others have at least two children and at least one grandchild. 

They talked with such love about their grandchildren. 

But somehow it didn't make me sad. 

It is their life.

And mine is mine <3


I am attaching a photo of a beloved city where I caught covid few weeks ago. Luckily I got sick only two days after coming home, so I could enjoy the days there.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Waiting too long? (btw: my 1000th post!!)

I stopped counting how many times have I heard a comment about childless woman who waited too long with decision to start a family and then it was too late. The comment was never addressed directly to me, but in conversation. 

What does it actually mean waiting too long? I had to wait until finding the love of my life. And this can take some time (and some luck!). 

This is the 1000th post of this blog and I am dedicating it to my husband, the love of my life. I am very grateful to have met him.  I am glad he proposed me on this beautiful Dalmatian island (photo above). 

I am sharing a post that I wrote 10 years ago:

I still feel exactly the same as I did 10 years ago, when writing those lines <3 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I get you


I visited the biggest stud farm in our country, I took a guided tour. I loved the horses & the autumn colours.

In the barn where only horses are, there was only one mare. I asked the guide why there was only one mare. She was too small so she never had a foal of her own. So she has been separated from other mares with foals, who can be outside on the pastures all days. 

The foal-less mare luckily has a job (she rides the carriage). But most of the time, she is inside.

I felt sorry for her.

It made me sad. How different and excluded she is. 

I stroked her fur and  looked into her beautiful eyes. 

When everybody left I whispered in her ear: "I get you."