Thursday, August 25, 2022

Dalmatia, Croatia


 I have just come back from a lovely week in Dalmatia with my husband. I know many of you love seeing my holiday photos, so I am sharing my favourite three photos with you.

One day we went on a walk around Lovište, half island Pelješac and we came across a beautiful tombstone. There it was written in Croatian:

Ovdje je pokopano moje milo zlato, koje preminulo od kužne bolesti na 5.11.1918. Ožalošćeni otac Marko Popović postavi

Translation would be:

My sweet girl, who died of infectious disease on November 5, 1918, is buried here. Grieving father Marko Popović 

(moje milo zlato / is such a beautiful expression, I can't translate it good enough).  

We were admiring this beautiful tomb in the most wonderful nature you can imagine in silence. I was thinking about all the sadness that there once was. And how everything ends, also sadness.  

We were alone on that spot when suddenly an old couple came along. The man told us that he is a  nephew (or great-nephew) of a girl who is burried there. Her name was Ursula Popović, she died when 11. 


Second photo: our beach in Pelješac, opposite is town Korčula, island Korčula (according to some theories Marco Polo was born here).

Third photo: island Hvar, view from the balcony of our rented apartment.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Some new beautiful photos from sLOVEnia


First of all: thank you to all of you, my dear readers, who took time to leave a condolences message / email. They meant the world to me in those difficult times. 

The first three photos were taken on a difficult day, I had troubles concentrating at work so I just took a day off work and took a bus ride to spend a lovely day at Lake Bohinj (which is by the way my favourite place of all).  I was swimming whole day, the alpine lake is crystal clear and warm.

I read this book: and I liked it a lot. It was a beautiful gift from a friend of mine.

The third photo: Lake Bled. I stepped out of the bus just to take this photo, just before the storm came.

I can't do anything about changing the past. What I can do is to find energy to pack my things and go to the nature at least for a whole day... to see how many beautiful things this world offers. To forget the sadness just for a day.

I can't do anything more to help the older nephew. What I can do is to help the younger nephew and my husband. Few days ago I invited them for a beautiful long hike to the forest plateau Pokljuka (above those two lakes).