Saturday, February 4, 2023

Today's moments are tomorrow's memories


Highlight of any trip to Italy?  A cappuccino & brioche! 

I loved the quote in the cafe! 


I talked to an ex-coworker, a mother of two teenage girls. I love her but at the same time she was the most annoying of my coworkers - talking constantly about all the lovely time she has with other "mommy friends" - friends, she met through her daughters. 

Long story short - yesterday she was pretty desperate. Her daughters don't get along with the friends from their childhood so slowly also friendships with the mothers of those friends are drifting apart. My friend is desperate about this. 

I just listened.

But I didn't feel sorry. If only she knew how many times I was excluded just because I am childless and I don't belong. 

I looked back to my life and felt proud. There are many friendships I cherish and treasure. They were made because I am me and not because I am someone's mom.