Friday, November 26, 2021

I don't have a life of my own?

I have already got the third dose of the vaccine against covid19. I am glad that I live in a country where the vaccine is available. 

I was upset that my granny (she is almost 90) was already 8 months after the second dose of the vaccine and nobody really bothered whether she gets the third vaccine or not. For me it was really important that she gets the vaccine (the hospitals are full so I strongly believe that each of us has to do everything to prevent putting an extra burden to the hospitals).

Long story short: I persuaded granny that she takes the vaccine and I am glad she got the vaccine yesterday. 

But what bugs me is what my uncle told my mom. He commented that I am sticking my nose into the things that are not my business just because I don't have life of my own. 

Come on? Really? I don't have a life of my own? Just because I am childless, I don't have life of my own?  

The other thing that bugs me is why mom had to tell me his comment? 

It is not only what my uncle said. It is actually what many people think (just don't say it loudly and directly).

His comment hurts.

But I refuse to believe his comment. 

I do have a life. 

It is not a typical life.

But it is mine.

It is the only life I will ever have.

I love it.

It is mine. 

It is quiet, peaceful and at the same time full of life. 

It is mine.

And I don't allow anybody to judge it.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

That is the miracle of life

I have just finished reading an excellent book: Bill Bryson's The Body. I have learnt a lot just by reading it. 

I came across this quote:

“I’ve said it before in another book, but I believe it’s worth repeating: the only thing special about the elements that make you is that they make you. That is the miracle of life.”
Bill Bryson, The Body

It was the moment I realized that I spent way too many years on focusing on the sadness of not being able to have children of my own. By doing that I completely forgot that I already had been blessed by a miracle of life - it is just wonderful that I was born and that I live. Now! 

Sometimes it is really necessary to read something so you are able to see your own life from another prospective. 

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday & off I go to enjoy another lovely walk in the forest. 


Photos above: were taken yesterday in the beautiful Lake Garda. I spent almost a week there (for work) but I did find some time for walks.