Thursday, April 30, 2015

Climbing out of the trenches, and into the sun

Mali's latest post made my day:

It is so beautifully written.

Mali - it was lovely to meet you. I hope we will meet again, someday, somewhere...

I love your photo. And I love the text: "Climbing out of the trenches, and into the sun"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mentor of Many

I read Pamela's latest post yesterday morning and I loved it:
I was honored to be included in the list of M.O.M.s

What warmed my heart was Kinsey's comment:
I like this M.O.M. concept! I’ll play! Through blogging I’ve encountered many M.O.M.s, but two that come to mind immediately are Klara and another email friend that found me through blogging (who prefers to remain anonymous in public). Klara is….amazing. She is a true friend, one that offers me an intellectual challenge and that I can share the good, the bad, and the ugly with and know that there will be no judgement. And the nameless friend is equally amazing. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her, too.

Kinsey, thank you! I enjoy our friendship a lot. You are amazing.

 * * * * *

To show how we made our world beautiful and close, despite living on different sides of the Atlantic. Kinsey and  I share the same favorite email friend (the one who prefers to remain anonymous in public).  She is amazing. I have learned so much from her. It would be just a shame if none of her beautiful and deep thoughts were ever available to the rest of you, so I asked her to write a guest post. I hope she will accept my invitation.

And I really wish that when we are already very old, I will be still exchanging emails with her, Kinsey, Pamela and some others.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I love growing vegetables

If somebody told me when I was in my 20s or early 30s that one of my biggest hobby one day would be growing my own vegetables, I would laugh.

But it became by hobby few years ago and I just love it. 

I am attaching a photo of all the seeds I bought, some of them I've already planted.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet my Wolfie

We just met our future puppy. Isn't he cute? 
He is 5 weeks old and will be ours in 10 days.
Can't wait!

Friday, April 17, 2015

La vita dopo l'infertilità

I just returned from another business trip, I was whole week in Italy. I worked hard, but also took time for enjoying myself. 

The swimming pool was on the terrace of the hotel in Lido di Jesolo. I really enjoyed my daily swim! Since it is still off peak season, I was always the only one swimming. What a luxury.

First ice cream this year was delicious (yogurt & strawberry).  

Photos are from Pellestrina (island in the lagoon of Venice) and Chiogga. 

Happy: I wrote in the sand on my morning jogging today.  

Conclusion. Life after infertility? It is good :)

Where is Klara from?

Just recently a reader contacted me via email (btw: I love receiving your emails) and asked me where I am from. 

A new great article about my country:

Monday, April 13, 2015

And then bury the shovel

I just love the quote from the article:
“Infertility is one of those topics you want to bury, and then bury the shovel.”

If you haven't read "Would You Tell Someone You Were Infertile?", here it is:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Become an Infertility Survivor Blogger and travel the world :)

How lovely it is to open an inbox and see an unexpected invitation to meet in Prague in early summer from a bloggie friend.

I am looking forward a lot!!!  How lovely it is to have friends. 

I'm attaching some photos from travelling with my DH 4 years ago. We loved Czech Republic so much that we are gladly visiting it again.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Perhaps they did have kids. Perhaps they didn't.

I don't really know what I thought of the article  "No Kids for me, Thanks".

The article reminded me of a beautiful walk that I had last weekend. I planned a fun afternoon and invited 4 kids for a walk. My sister-in-law hates the idea of sharing her two kids with me so I was not allowed to have them (just a note: the girls love me).  My cousin is happy to share her two kids, so I took for a walk only her two children.

It was lovely. We walked a lot. I made a small treasure hunt (cookies taste much better if they are earned). We visited a gallery. In the gallery we got a small flyer with old pictures. There was a newly wed couple, photo was taken aproximately 80 years ago.

Here is the conversation I had with almost six year old almost-niece.
Niece: "Klara, who are mamma and papa on the photo?"
Me: "Well, you should ask who a man and a woman on the photo are. Perhaps they never had kids."
Niece: "Yes, perhaps they didn't want to have kids."
Me: "Well, perhaps. But it is also possible that they really wanted to have kids, but they couldn't have them."

You should see the cute little face, trying to process all these info. I added. "Well, but most probably they did have kids. Most of the people do have kids."

And my almost-niece added: "Perhaps they did have kids. Perhaps they didn't."

I could have kissed her, the sweet little girl. For her, whatever path the couple had, it was OK.

A photo

A girl with her hands up in surrender

This photo just broke by heart.
The article: 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

God help the Outcasts

My DH and me love animation movies. We recently watched Hunchback of Notre Dame. Music is great. Since then I just can't get enough of the song "God help the Outcasts". It is just so beautiful. And sad.    


If possible I always arrange lunch date with my favourite lunch company. A childless not by choice coworker and a single childless coworker, both few years younger. I love our talks.  But they are often out of office (and so am I), so most of this week I am stuck with mommy crowd. There I feel excluded from the talks most of the time. For example, yesterday they talked about their swimwear. One would think that this talk is perfect for me since I swim a lot and I just bought a perfect (almost professional) swimwear, suitable for pools. 

But no, I could not contribute anything. Since the leading topic of the conversation was how much a pregnancy destroys a swimwear. 

Yes. I am an outcast on so many occasions. Even when least expected.