Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beautiful Czech Republic

We just returned from the holidays. Here are some photos:






I was really looking forward to our holidays but on the other hand I was also a bit scared. Why? 
The only holiday so far that we had in Czech Republic was exactly 2 years ago, when we went to clinic in Brno for an egg donation. We used the days between egg retrieval and embryo transfer for the holiday.
I was afraid that travelling around will bring back sad memories. Well, the memories did come back. But not in a bad way. It is just part of my healing process.
I remember that last time I was filled with different hormones.. It was lovely to travel this time, 100 % drug free.
I remember that last time, whenever we visited any church, I prayed for Eliška & František (nick names for our so much wanted children).  This time I prayed for health, love and peace in my heart.
I remember that last time I loved observing cute children. And thinking if our half-adopted child would look like them. This time cute Czech children were just cute children, nothing more.
We had lovely time together, discovering a beautiful country.
If you are interested to learn more, here is the official tourism web site:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turning 40

I had my 40th birthday few days ago.

As a childless woman I was afraid of turning 40.  But it was not hard.  I just kept thinking about my dear friend Maria who died when 37. She would give anything to be 40  (and so would her husband).

As I have already written - my only mission right now is to get the best of my next 40 years.  If I am lucky, 40 happy years are waiting for me.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I went swimming in the lake with my best friend. It was the first whole day together that we had in the last 8 years. How great it is that her kids are getting more independant every day!

So I really feel that I am getting my old happy life back. Bit by bit.