Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turning 40

I had my 40th birthday few days ago.

As a childless woman I was afraid of turning 40.  But it was not hard.  I just kept thinking about my dear friend Maria who died when 37. She would give anything to be 40  (and so would her husband).

As I have already written - my only mission right now is to get the best of my next 40 years.  If I am lucky, 40 happy years are waiting for me.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I went swimming in the lake with my best friend. It was the first whole day together that we had in the last 8 years. How great it is that her kids are getting more independant every day!

So I really feel that I am getting my old happy life back. Bit by bit.


  1. You're so right. Turning 40 is not a tragedy. Not turning 40 is the tragedy.

    And yes, our friends with kids come back to us as their kids grow up.

    Here's to 40 more happy years!

  2. Happy birthday, Klara!!! 40 isn't so bad, when you think about it- whatever we did bad, wasn't caught on internet as nowadays younger folks do. :D

  3. Happy Birthday! 40 was 3 years ago for me. Now that we have made the transition to CF living, I believe my next 40 years will be great! I love your statement about making the best of your next 40 years.

  4. Yes, enjoy this year, and here's to the next 40 :)

  5. Happy belated birthday, Klara! :) & here's to many, many more. Remember, age is just a number. ;)

  6. Happy birthday for a couple of weeks ago, Klara! I hope you are sitting pretty with 40. I enjoyed turning 40 in regard to starting life fresh. To me, it was a new phase of my life. I was so glad to be beyond my 20's and 30's. It sounds silly to say, but I felt that I had finally left beghind my youth behind and had matured. And I loved it!