Sunday, August 29, 2021

Beautiful photos from the Slovenian seaside

I am enjoying a long weekend with my DH at Slovenian seaside. It is already too windy for being whole day at the beach, so we took a lovely hike from Izola to Strunjan. I can't believe we hadn't done this walk ever before, it is so pretty. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

A beautiful afternoon in the forest


I took one afternoon off work and went to the beautiful forest to pick up delicious blueberries & strawberries. I even found some ripe cranberries already. 

I should do this more often - taking time for doing something I enjoy deeply.  

I was alone in the forest in the middle of Triglav National Park - this part has also some bears and wolves! I was completely alone, but I wasn't afraid - I was close to hiking trails. 

I am sharing some photos with you since I know that many of you enjoy the beautiful photos from sLOVEnia <3

Another highlight: having a delicious blueberry&strawberry jam in the morning :)

Monday, August 9, 2021

A blank new page (A new blog!)


I have exciting news! 

Lilly has decided to start writing her own blog.

Here is the blog:

I am looking forward to reading it.

PS: I have chosen a photo of Yosemite National Park since I know we both love it :)

PPS: I took the photo in 2014.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

2000 meters+

I had a lovely day in the mountains with my father today. After 20 years I reached 2000 meters+ again!!! I had no problem going up, but my knees weren't that happy with going down. But I still loved the 6-hour-hike.

I am attaching some of my favourite photos, taken today in the Julian Alps. 

Guess what I am doing right now? Cooking my favourite blueberry jam.

Finding joy and meaning in life

Have you read Lilly's guestpost?

If you haven't, do read it, it is a beautiful post. And do leave a comment... it is so important for someone who has just started thinking writing her own blog. Comments mean to the writer of the blog that her thoughts are heard and that they matter.

I love all the comments that you left (and so did Lilly!!). 

What I also loved was this 14-year-old post that Pamela attached in her comment. I don't remember reading it then. Since 14 years ago I was in the middle of IVF treatments and wasn't even thinking that this is actually possible that you end up without a baby (no matter how hard you try). 

It is a beautiful post, do read it:

I love Pamela's conclusion of the post: "Finding joy and meaning in life is what I would have wanted my son or daughter to do."