Friday, March 3, 2023

Silly people, silly questions & some beautiful photos

Have I ever told you that I live only a 3-hour-drive from Venice? Lucky me :) 


I wish to share a silly story with you.

At the toilet in our company a coworker asked me out of the blue: "I never know - do you have children and not?"

And replied: "Not."

She stared at me so I added: "Unfortunatelly not."

She said to me (she is around 45): "Well, not yet."

I guess I looked at her pretty angrily since this is the stupidest thing one can say to an infertile childless woman who is almost 50. 

The coworker added: "Nowadays this is trend, celebrities getting children when 50."

I didn't comment. I didn't want to go into discussion that I am not a celebrity and that surrogacy and things like that do not interest me.

And the silly woman couldn't keep her mouth shut. She asked me: "You never thought about adopting?"