Friday, March 3, 2023

Silly people, silly questions & some beautiful photos

Have I ever told you that I live only a 3-hour-drive from Venice? Lucky me :) 


I wish to share a silly story with you.

At the toilet in our company a coworker asked me out of the blue: "I never know - do you have children and not?"

And replied: "Not."

She stared at me so I added: "Unfortunatelly not."

She said to me (she is around 45): "Well, not yet."

I guess I looked at her pretty angrily since this is the stupidest thing one can say to an infertile childless woman who is almost 50. 

The coworker added: "Nowadays this is trend, celebrities getting children when 50."

I didn't comment. I didn't want to go into discussion that I am not a celebrity and that surrogacy and things like that do not interest me.

And the silly woman couldn't keep her mouth shut. She asked me: "You never thought about adopting?"


  1. Some people don't know when to just SHUT UP. I'm sorry, Klara!

    (Three hours from Venice? Lucky you indeed!)

  2. I thought I'd seen and heard it all, but people continue to astound me with their insensitivity. It's the one constant in these strange days we now inhabit.
    p.s. On a happier note, I recall the trip that began in Venice with great fondness xx

  3. I really, really hope I remember to say, "What's adoption?" to the next person that asks me if I've thought about adoption.

    "What about adoption... Have you thought about adoption... Did you try adoption..." Always said by massively uninformed, ignorant people. And do they think they're helping? Like, all I needed to do was cross paths with them, hear their suggestion, and be on my merry way with the rest of my life? It's a really weird question to ask someone.

    On another note, I have never been to Venice and will continue to live vicariously through your pictures until I can get over there myself! :)

  4. UGH! That's awful. Like, it would be tempting to ask something horribly offensive and invasive in return, like how often she had a bowel movement or sex with her partner. What is WRONG with people? How is literally .0005% of people having babies at 50 a trend? And the dreaded adopting comment. Gross.

    Venice looks beautiful, so awesome that you are so close (although I saw the candle are very low right now)! We just went away to Vermont, and had a great time chatting up a very nice wine shop owner. We ended up buying THREE Slovenian wines! 😊

  5. Lucky you indeed!!! And lucky me - only three hours from Venice OR the very lovely Vittorio Veneto, our base so long ago. It seemed crazy that we could visit you for a day! lol That first photo is absolutely stunning, with the mist of the island in the background, the seagull, the lamp. You should get it framed or printed onto a canvas!

    Argh, what an annoying woman! What business is it of hers? And yes, her questions were silly. Perhaps she deserves our sympathy? But in the meantime, I'm sending you hugs, because you had to put up with her.

  6. Oh my. I am very sorry about that encounter at the toilet (of all places!). In German we have the saying: "Reden is Silber, Schweigen ist Gold." - Talking is silver, remaining silent is gold. This very much applies to this woman! It would have been better for her to say nothing at all.

    This is exactly why I hate the way these exceptions (of people having kids at 50) are getting pushed so much in the media. It makes people believe this is normal. It is not. At least not for ordinary people like us.

    Sending hugs!

  7. PS: Gorgeous pictures - thanks for sharing! I especially like the first one with the foggy background. I'm happy you got to go to Venice :-).