Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No, I do not have plenty of time

One of my favourite songs is Ti voglio tanto bene.  I really like the singer Gianna Nannini.

She had her first and only child when she was 54. I am happy for her, that she got what she always wanted.

But what I don't like at all is the fact how many celebrities are having children that late in life.
It gives the impression that it is possible to have children at ANY age.

So I hope I will never hear again that I have plenty of time to have children. I do not. I am over with hoping & praying.

Friday, June 22, 2012

No other life would I like to have more

I was just reading some new posts on the blogs of my childfree (not by choice) friends. One of my favourite blogs is Mali's blog. And her new post made me think of breastfeeding and that I had already written about it two years ago, as a guest blogger on Pamela's blog:

I wrote it under the name of Lucy. This was the name that we had chosen for our baby girl. But I do not want to use this name. I buried the name, together with our dream.

It was so lovely to read my words from more then two years ago. I remember how unhappy I was when I was writing it. I was crying so much. And - this year I don't remember crying even one single time. So, life does get easier, more beautiful.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The most beautiful sea

Few days ago it was a birthday of Maria's husband, so I sent him an email with birthday wishes. And he sent back a long, beautiful and sad email. It made me sad, reading his email. How horrible must it be, to find the love of your life and then loose her so suddenly?

Anyway, although me & my DH didn't plan to go for summer holidays anywhere, I had a sudden feeling that all that we really have is NOW. So we have to take time for ourselves and do things that we like and go places that we enjoy.

We travelled quite a bit, but our top favourite sea is Dalmatia (in the south of Croatia). I love love swimming in the crystal clear sea there. I love lying on little white stones. I love the smell of Mediterranean. So - in one month time - we are going to the island of Brač . I am attaching a photo of the most beautiful beach there, taken two years ago.

We already stayed there 5 times (in the last 10 years), always in the same apartment. So - since we are regular clients, we immediately got confirmation, without even paying the deposit.

I am so  so looking forward to it!!!

Here is commercial for the ones who don't know this part of Europe:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Non, je ne regrette rien

I had a lovely evening with my DH. We watched a movie La vie en rose about Edith Piaf:

It is a beautiful movie. How sad was Edith Piaf's life, full of tragedies!

I love her last song - and the most beautiful - Non, je ne regrette rien. For the first time in my life I really listened to the actual meaning of the words. So beautiful! So meaningful!

Here is translation:

The strange thing is that we already watched this movie 4 years ago and I did not like it that much. And yesterday I totally loved it. When I talked about it with my DH about this, he commented "you have obviously grown as a person in the last four years and now you are able to feel Edith Piaf's soul".

Monday, June 11, 2012

I promised the photos.... here they are!

Here are some photos from last week. I spent some days in Italy. I was  in Venice only one afternoon & one evening and totally loved it! Despite all the tourists.

One of my coworkers couldn't go on a business trip (because of her children), so I was the replacement. How cool it is to be childfree and flexible????

I worked hard. But the afternoon and evening that I took only for myself, was just beautiful. I had this feeling - life is so beautiful! I just have to focus on the things that I do have. And not to mourn the things that are just not meant to be. At least not for me.

I ate lots of yummy Italian food. Drank some really tasty capuccinos. Enjoyed life.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little pink magnet in the back of the drawer

My sister stopped by today with her little daughter (2 years) and a newborn. They brought me a little magnet. Cute pink magnet with a picture of a picture perfect little girl.

I love my sister's daughter, I really do. But I just can not put this magnet on our fridge. A magnet with a picture of OUR baby was meant to be on our fridge. But there isn't any and there never will be.

I didn't have the heart to throw the magnet away (although I love to do this with all the objects that make me sad). So I just hid it in the darkest part of one of the drawers that I seldom use. So I can put it out only when the niece comes for a visit.

Life after infertility (little help for search engines)

My blog is about:

life after infertility
lewe na onvrugbaarheid
jeta pas varfëri
sonsuzluğun sonra həyat
antzutasuna ondoren bizi
жыццё пасля бясплоддзя
ঊষরতা পরে জীবন
живот след безплодие
la vida després de la infertilitat
život nakon neplodnosti
život po neplodnosti
liv efter infertilitet
leven na de onvruchtbaarheid
vivo post infertilidad
elu pärast viljatus
buhay pagkatapos ng kawalan ng katabaan
jälkeisestä elämästä hedelmättömyys
kehidupan setelah infertilitas
la vie après l'infertilité
vida tras a infertilidade
ცხოვრების შემდეგ უშვილობას
Leben nach der Unfruchtbarkeit
ζωή μετά από στειρότητα
વંધ્યત્વ પછી જીવન
lavi apre lakòz
बांझपन के बाद जीवन
utáni élet meddőség
líf eftir ófrjósemi
vita dopo l'infertilità
ಬಂಜೆತನ ನಂತರ ಜೀವನ
불임증 생활
vitam post infecunditate
dzīve pēc neauglību
gyvenimas po nevaisingumo
живот после неплодност
kehidupan selepas ketidaksuburan
ħajja wara infertilità
livet etter ufruktbarhet
życie po niepłodności
vida após a infertilidade
viaţa după infertilitate
жизнь после бесплодия
život po neplodnosti
življenje po neplodnosti
la vida después de la infertilidad
maisha baada ya utasa
livet efter infertilitet 
கருவுறாமை பிறகு வாழ்க்கை
సంతాన ప్రాప్తి లేకుండుట తర్వాత జీవితం
infertilite sonra yaşam
життя після безпліддя
cuộc sống sau khi sinh
bywyd ar ôl anffrwythlondeb
לעבן נאָך ינפערטיליטי
الحياة بعد العقم
زندگی پس از ناباروری
بانجھ پن کے بعد زندگی
החיים לאחר פוריות
PS:  I didn't write for the whole week because I was on a business trip. I had a great time (although I missed my DH & beloved dog). I spent some days in the most beautiful city in this part of Europe.... I will write more next week (when I upload my photos). Photos tell more than thousands words! Anyway, I am really happy that I have a job where I can travel from time to time