Friday, June 22, 2012

No other life would I like to have more

I was just reading some new posts on the blogs of my childfree (not by choice) friends. One of my favourite blogs is Mali's blog. And her new post made me think of breastfeeding and that I had already written about it two years ago, as a guest blogger on Pamela's blog:

I wrote it under the name of Lucy. This was the name that we had chosen for our baby girl. But I do not want to use this name. I buried the name, together with our dream.

It was so lovely to read my words from more then two years ago. I remember how unhappy I was when I was writing it. I was crying so much. And - this year I don't remember crying even one single time. So, life does get easier, more beautiful.


  1. I read that post...gosh, has it been 2 years ago since the post was published? How time flies! :-D And YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY for getting this is really so, so, so BEAUTIFUL indeed despite the storms here and there. :-D

  2. That is a great post. I think I remember reading it on Pamela's blog last year because I refused to read posts about her book until I had gotten my hands on her book and then I then went back and read the posts.