Monday, June 11, 2012

I promised the photos.... here they are!

Here are some photos from last week. I spent some days in Italy. I was  in Venice only one afternoon & one evening and totally loved it! Despite all the tourists.

One of my coworkers couldn't go on a business trip (because of her children), so I was the replacement. How cool it is to be childfree and flexible????

I worked hard. But the afternoon and evening that I took only for myself, was just beautiful. I had this feeling - life is so beautiful! I just have to focus on the things that I do have. And not to mourn the things that are just not meant to be. At least not for me.

I ate lots of yummy Italian food. Drank some really tasty capuccinos. Enjoyed life.


  1. Beautiful!!! We have yet to visit Italy, but one day we will. :-D Was thinking of visiting Italy this year but due to budget restraint (we're saving money to fix our roof 'coz it leaked and goodness knows how much it's going to cost) we decided to go somewhere closer and cheaper (plane tickets are cheaper). Just wait for our holiday photos much later in summer ha ha...Here's to enjoying life to the fullest! YEAH! :-D

  2. Oh...this is amazing! I'm totally there with you on focusing on the things we do have.

    Some day I'm going to see these sites in person too.

  3. We went to Venice last year - I can see our hotel in one of your photos! It is so so so beautiful. I'm glad you felt such joy when you were there. (I love that feeling on business trips when work is over, and all there is to do is to enjoy yourself!)

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos...we were there 4 years ago and seeing your photos brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing!!!