Saturday, June 2, 2012

No more room for a baby

2003 was a wonderful year.  I married the love of my life. Spent two weeks in Dalmatia (the most beautiful sea on earth). Went for a honey-moon to Canada & USA. Found a new job. Bought a cozy little apartment and moved in with the love of my life. Started with ttc.

When buying an apartment, we knew it must be big enough to have an extra room for a nursery. So, for almost 10 years we had an empty room in our apartment. DH wanted to make storage room last year and when he said that, I almost cried my eyes out. I wasn't ready for giving up my dreams of beautiful colorful nursery.

I am ready now.

Today DH installed shelves in the empty room. And I organized all the stuff that was just lying around on the shelves.  I threw away some of the useless stuff (together with the dreams that can never come true). 

I feel relief. No more empty rooms in our apartment. No more waiting. No more hoping. Just living.


  1. This post made me smile. Here's to LIVIIINNNGGGGGG! :-D And enjoying that life! :-D

    We have 3 bedrooms in our house. One is used as our main bedroom, another one is used as a computer room and the last one as a spare room. Due to my random work schedule, sometimes when hubby stays up late whereas I need to get up early, one of us sleeps in the spare room, but on normal days we'd sleep together.

    Due to the different sizes of the two bedrooms, in winter we'd sleep in the smaller bedroom to save the heating cost, whereas in summer on hot days we'd move to the bigger room 'coz it's cooler there. :-D So it's become so handy to have a spare room AND a computer room. :-D

  2. I love your post Klara. We moved from Los Angeles to the San Francisco area, partly to raise a family out of LA. We bought a 3 bedroom house in suburbia, with a fantastic school system. I have struggled with wanting to sell our home and move back to LA since we no longer need our three bedroom house in the suburbs. But like Amel and yourself, we have turned the 'baby room' into a great office and also have a spare room for family and friends when they visit. We also have a backyard for the doggies and plenty of room for my garden.
    I am so glad you have taken another step down your path towards a fulfilling new life.

  3. I'm thinking of turning our spare spare room (we have two spare rooms - one was to be the nursery but has been my office and a spare room for years now) into a large, walk-in closet. Your enthusiasm is inspiring me!