Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finally: a new bloggie friend is coming for a visit

So far two bloggie friends visited me and it was just perfect.

I got a wonderful news this week: a bloggie friend from France will be visiting me in February, she already bought the plane tickets! The room for their skiing holidays (photo attached) is booked, I am now just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be lots of snow this winter!

I think that my bloggie friend was born in the same year as I was. We have been reading each other's blogs (me, with the help of google translate) and commenting for many years, I really like her. She had been also struggling for many years to get a child, she was luckier then me.

Do you know what is the best part?   I think it is the first time (after the infertility) that I am actually looking forward to meeting a little child. I see that as a sign of my healing.

Guess which European city this is

This is a contest for my readers outside Europe.
Guess in which city I took these photos just for you, few days ago :)

I still regret that I don't have children and I know I always will. But this is one of the silver linings of my childlessness: going on plenty business trips. I don't have enough money to travel often, so it is just lovely to see a bit of the world while working.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Unfortunately not

I went out for a drink after business event with 10 colleagues from other companies. We were chatting, drinking beer, laughing. In the meantime I had time to talk to a colleague sitting closest to me. I didn't know him well before. I learnt that his first child will be born in January. He was so proud and happy when he was talking about it.

I think it was the first time ever that the news like that didn't hurt. Perhaps it is because I am at that age that I don't long for having a baby. I long for a teenage child of my own. I still daydream sometimes what would be our life like if I could have a child easily - our first child would be already 12 now!

The colleague started to describe their awesome honeymoon so I described ours, 13 years ago, 10,000 kilometers made with Northern American Rail Pass, across Canada & USA.

He asked: "So, you have been married for 13 years?".
Me: "Yes."
He: "Do you have any children?"
Me: "Unfortunately not."

His eyes widened, in a second he grasped the meaning of my answer and he softly switched the conversation to a safe neutral topic. I was really thankful for that. Not many people have intelligence and kindness to do this as gently as this colleague did.

I wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Here is a photo of Lake Maligne, Jasper National Park. My husband and I loved it here so much, it is breathtaking beautiful: