Monday, November 21, 2016

Guest bloggers needed

I know that there are many of you, reading my blog. It would be lovely if we could read  your thoughts on living childless after infertility. 

So far I have had only one guest blogger, Elaine and I just loved her post:

If you decide to be my guest blogger, send me a post to: klara.soncek (at)

I promise that I will never reveal your email, name nor anything else to anybody.

PS: on the photo: Perito Moreno, Argentina, photo taken in 2006. In the hard days of our infertility journey the travelling was a great way to heal. Whenever we came back - it was still hard and painful. But at least, we had 1 month of complete break from the constant sadness while travelling.
BTW: Argentina is a beautiful country to travel. My husband and I both hope that we will visit it one day again. 


  1. I'll only let you visit Argentina if it is on your way home from visiting New Zealand! lol

    1. Dear Mali, New Zealand has been on our top wish for many years. I can't wait to visit it (and you and your husband) one day!