Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Be the reason someone smiles today

Writing my own blog and reaching out to the world has made my life special. This tea cup is a beautiful reminder. It was given to me few weeks ago by a dear friend of mine, that I met through our blogging community. I was in Paris for work and one afternoon I visited her and her family. We agreed not to buy any presents, but she said that she had seen this cup in a shop and she had thought of me - since she couldn't stop smiling that day - she had been looking forward to my visit. Her words touched my heart. 

I love her, and I appreciate our friendship deeply. It is deep because of the sincerity we have always had to each other.

Another highlight of that day. When we were finishing a delicious dinner that she and her husband had cooked, I was checking the time - I didn't want to miss one of the last trains back to Paris. Their little daughter asked where Klara would sleep that night. I explained that I had to go back to hotel to catch an early flight back home the following day. And the little one said: "I want that Klara stays with us." How cute is that!


Another beautiful moment from this week. A dear bloggie friend of mine, Elaine:  told me about new blog, written by Stephanie:

Stephanie has just published her blog about involuntary childlessness few days ago. It is in German, but with the help of Google translator the reading should be no problem!

I don't know how old Stephanie is, but I guess she is at least 10 years younger then me. So I really feel like a big sister, sharing a link and trying to welcome her to our community.

I loved one of Stephanie's sentences so much: "Wir werden uns das Leben schön machen."
"We will make our life beautiful."

This is exactly my/our plan.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lovely moments

I am back. I have missed my blog.

This year there were many lovely moments connected with our new house. We are so happy that our dreams have come true! 

There were so many beautiful moments during the summer and early autumn - not connected only with our new home.

I was cycling few weeks ago when a car overtook me and then stopped in the middle of the road. I thought it was strange when suddenly a kind voice called my name. It was my cousin's friend with whom I spent few days at the seaside last year and the year before - when I was visiting my cousin and her kids. I enjoyed swimming together with her two children and my cousin's two children. The kids loved swimming with me... because I love swimming and their mothers not that much.

Then suddenly the door of the car  opened and there was 11-year-old girl, she ran towards me and hugged me. She said: "I missed you this summer!"  Her mother smiled and said: "Can you see... you really make huge impression on the kids." 

My heart melted... it was such a warm and lovely moment.

That was the moment when I realized what I want out of my life. To be connected with the world. And to live for lovely moments like that.

I promised the girl that the next year I will plan my holiday with my cousin in the week when she will be there as well.

Another lovely moment was at the seaside. I went on the beach with my cousin's daughter, she is  9.  Out of the blue she asked me how come I didn''t have children of my own. I replied that I wanted to have them but I couldn't. She thought for a moment and then wanted to know if she understood correctly so she checked whether I didn't want to have them or couldn't have them. I replied. She wanted to know how was it possible that you couldn't have them. I told her that when she was older she could ask again if she wanted and I would tell her. That now she was too little for details. She said that she has only one question - how old did she have to be. I replied that when she was 20.  She said OK.

I wish conversation with adults were that easy!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quando quando

My husband showed me a story about a man taking care for his dad with advanced Alzheimer. His dad doesn't recognize him any more and somehow he discovered when they drive together in the car listening to the music, his old dad comes back - he remembers all the lyrics from the songs he used to sing. It is lovely to watch them:

If the youtube link doesn't work, here are the info: 

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. Who will be there for us when we are old? Who will be kind to us?

I know that worrying in advance doesn't help, so  I decided not to think about it (at least not today) any more. It is a beautiful sunny autumn day, it is time for a long walk.