Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reading the Silent Sorority for the second time

I knew that Silent Sorority was published in spring 2009. But it wasn't until spring 2010 that I was ready to buy it and read it.

I remember when reading it for the first time, I almost cried my heart out. I felt so sorry for Pamela and Alex. I felt so sorry for my DH & me. No other book before (or after) touched my soul so deeply.

When reading the book for the first time, I was in the middle of IVF roller coaster (with 7 unsuccessful IVF treatments behind me and 3 unsuccessful IVF treatments still waiting for me).
I started to re-read the book again this week, three years later. This time the book did not make me sad. It was actually lovely to reread the book and see, how much happiness can come out of the dark years of infertility. You see, I met Pamela and Alex twice so far. And they are one of the happiest & loveliest couples I have ever met.

And I think that for my DH & me the darkest years of infertility are far behind. I really feel that only happiness is waiting for us.

If you don't have your own copy, here is the link:

(whenever I buy books online, I always use this website nowadays since the postage is already included in the price).

PS: I took the photo on Sunday, while on the beach of the lake with my DH. Isn't it lovely?

PPS: I would love to get the photo of your book Silent Sorority travelling to a beautiful place. Please send the photo to  klara.soncek@gmail.com
It will be published on my blog (I took idea from the travelling dwarfs in the movie Amelie).


  1. Klara, I love the idea of photos of Silent Sorority copies travelling all over the world. Mine was an ebook - maybe we can get a shot of it on my iPad when we meet in Slovenia next month!

    1. Dear Mali,
      I just can't wait for you to come to Slovenia!
      Deal - we will take a photo!

  2. How I wish I could join you both. I know there will be laughter and great conversations ...

    P.s. Klara: I am so touched by your blog post and your idea, and so happy with how far we've both come in our healing. All best to you and your DH. P&A

  3. Oh, that beach looks so pristine! Lovely! And Pamela's book has also helped me a lot, esp. when it comes to searching for validation over our choice.

    And I LOVE thebookdepository as well! :-D I should go take a pic of that book sometime then and send it to you. :-D

    1. dear Amel,
      it will be lovely to have a photo of Silent Sorority taken in Finland :)

  4. What a great idea! :) The book is with my other books on childless/free living but I will pull it out when I get home from vacation & find somewhere to take a picture for you. :)

    1. that would be lovely, photo taken in beautiful Canada!
      (we are just celebrating 10th anniversary of our wedding, our honeymoon included Canada - we can't wait to return one day!)