Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Having a job

I have been very busy at my job lately. Which is good.   So many meetings. So many things to organize and do.

Which made me think, how lucky am I to live in central Europe. Where it is a norm that almost every woman has a job.

How sad it is to live in traditional societies where the only role that a woman can have is being a mother. Which is absolutely fine for women with children. But - how do childless women fit in there?

I am off to work :)


  1. Have fun at work! Sounds like you like your job, which is great.

    I think in very traditional societies, there are always the childless women, and I've often thought that at least there they may have a role in raising children (the "it takes a village" thing) and being part of an extended family, whereas here in our western societies, where nuclear families fiercely protect their roles as parents and the sole caregivers of children, we are more isolated.

    Sorry for the horrible long sentence!

  2. Here's to enjoying work and having work!!! :-)