Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I get you


I visited the biggest stud farm in our country, I took a guided tour. I loved the horses & the autumn colours.

In the barn where only horses are, there was only one mare. I asked the guide why there was only one mare. She was too small so she never had a foal of her own. So she has been separated from other mares with foals, who can be outside on the pastures all days. 

The foal-less mare luckily has a job (she rides the carriage). But most of the time, she is inside.

I felt sorry for her.

It made me sad. How different and excluded she is. 

I stroked her fur and  looked into her beautiful eyes. 

When everybody left I whispered in her ear: "I get you."


  1. I'm confused. Why can't the mare go out to the pasture? Why is she separated? She deserves fresh air and sunshine too.

    I'm glad you gave her some love. <3

  2. You have captured such a powerful set of images. Your story reminds me of a visit once to a zoo where a beautiful orangutan was sitting off to the side. The zookeeper told us her name was Karen; she was unable to have offspring. There was a noble sadness in her eyes that I recognized and connected with immediately -- much like you connected with this beautiful mare...

  3. Awwww. Hugs to you. (I remember having a similar connection with a lioness).

    1. Anonymous was me! lol I'm not sure why my browser keeps doing this to me!

  4. Dear Klara,
    This seems so sad and unfair to this mare. I see why you saw some parallels to the CNBC life of us humans though...
    Wishing you a cozy Sunday!