Friday, February 10, 2012

If only she knew

We still have freezing temperatures in this part of Europe. I just had breakfast with my husband and he's already gone to work. But I like to stay a bit longer in my pyamas, drinking tea... I don't feel like living cosy warm home.

I have three coworkers who have the habit to start each day with a cup of coffee and complaining about their husbands. The list what the bad husbands did in the last few years is really long. The compaints are really about everything: not helping in the kitchen, not helping with kids, not attending school activities, spending too much time with friends in bars or doing sports with male friends, nightmare stories about mother-in-laws...

Luckily I do not share an office with those women, but I an quite often in their office since  we have copy and fax machine there.

One morning I entered their office and they were, as usual, in the middle of complaining. And then a woman, who was just telling a story, stopped and said: "Girls, I just realized something. Klara has never ever said anything bad about her husband in all those years!"

It was  nice to hear that and I also realized, that this was completely true. I just laughed and explained, that this was because we were truely happy together.

The coworker just sighed and said: "Well, just wait untill you  have kids. It changes everything."

I did not comment any further. I only thought "If only you knew!".

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