Saturday, February 18, 2012

My blog bio

here is my new blog bio:

I am an almost 40-something European woman doing what I once thought wasn't possible: finding happiness after infertility. While it's been a long, difficult and emotional journey (10 unsuccessful IVF treatments), each day I take another step down the path toward a fulfilling new life. This is my story of reinvention.

I love it :)

Pamela - thank you for your help!
BTW: how I wish I could be with you in the plane this moment.... I love love love Australia! Enjoy!!!


  1. Nice bio. I like the picture you have added too!

    1. Hi,
      thank you!
      Yes, I like the picture of the smiling sun as well.
      It reminds me of the sunny person I used to be. I have been covered with dark clouds for 8 years... And I do not want to be covered with them any more.