Friday, January 27, 2012

250 beautiful photos

I just finished organizing 250 photos from the last 5 years in the albums.  I am a bit lazy so I develop photos only once in 3 - 5 years.

It was a lovely thought - how many wonderful moments did we have - me & my husband - in the last five years! 250 moments are there - on the photos. And there were plenty more.

When I am thinking of the last 8 years, when we had 10 failed IVF, I often see only all the pain and dissapointment and sorrow. But watching the photos today, I realized that there were also tons of wonderful moments.

I am attaching our small teddy bear, who went with us to Patagonia. He loved the glaciar Perito Moreno. So did we :)


  1. I love that photo - and now I want to see more. I LOVE love LOVE my photos - I'm currently working on a photobook from Turkey last year. I posted about my photo obsession here -

  2. dear Mali,
    I love your photobooks.
    And I think that a photobook with a title Slovenia 2013 would be lovely :)
    Some infos:

    (to have some ideas of all the beautiful things that will be in your new book :) )

    1. Klara - there'll be a Slovenia photobook one day. I have no doubt of that. 2013 might be a bit too close though!

  3. hi Pamela,
    this photo was taken 5 year before I met you & your husband. And we have EastPak's photos only after we met you :)
    But yes, East Pak was with us!