Monday, January 23, 2012

František & Eliška

More then two years ago, after the 9th failed IVF treatment me and my husband decided that it was time to try something new. Then we spent the whole year whether or not to decide for an egg donation. It was easier to decide that for my husband, since the child would have his genes. At the end I decided that I would love a child no matter what, so we booked a treatment in Czech Republic, Brno, clinic Reprofit. 

We spent whole year joking about our František & Eliška (working names for our future children, those are old Czech names, I guess nobody names children so any more). We talked about them so much that we were really sure that this time everything will work out.

My donor was 21-year-old girl (so young!!!),  on the day 5 after egg retrieval I got two expanded blastocists. We were so happy. And so sure that everything will work out. We were so looking forward to meeting František & Eliška in 9 months.

But my womb rejected them....  So obviously motherhood is really not something that is written in my destiny. 

As much as I regret that our dream did not come true, I will never ever try another treatment again. The last infertility drug I took in September, but I still have side affects now, before my period.

My New Year resolution was to take greater care of my body (eating healthier, get more excersise). And regarding no-more-infertility-drugs I decided already in autumn. I have to take care of me, otherwise you will not be able to read me for another 15,000 days :)


  1. Great names! I salute you for recommitting to your body. After our IVF failures I was very angy with mine for not performing as I hoped. We have since made up. Today I make every effort to ensure my body stays strong and healthy. It's the only one I have so I want to be sure it keeps up with my new life. (I look forward to when we get together sometime in the next 15,000 days.)

  2. Ah, those names that are real in our hearts and minds. I have some special ones myself that I never offer up to friends or family when they are talking about naming their children. I am not sure why I can't let them go. I also have new years resolutions similar to yours. To learn to love my body again, to take better care of it, and to pamper it more since I am not saving up for fertility treatments. Hope you have a great year!

  3. The clinic Reprofit is really really great. We were happy about our choice to go there. It is just that my body decided that it doesn't want to cooperate. For the 10th time...

    In the moment when I had embryo transfer, there was Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. So whenever I hear this song, it makes me think about František & Eliška.

    dear Heather - thank you for nice wishes. I wish you the same!

    dear Pamela - I would really like to meet with you & your darling in the next 1,000 days (for the first time). And then many times more :)