Sunday, January 8, 2012

No other life would I like to have more

the first blog I have ever written was guest blog on Pamela's blog: 

I remember writing this guest blog almost two years ago, I cried for the whole week while writting it. It hurt so much to write it. Now all this pain is just a memory. I never imagined that then, but it does get easier. 

I used the name Lucy. The Slovenian version of the name Lucy is Lucija. And Lucija is for me the most beautiful name. My heart still hurts a little, when I find out of a new baby girl that was given "my" name. Luckily, there aren't many of them.

I still like this sentence:
And I really hope that one day (when I am old and grey) I will be able to say: this is not the life that I planned, but no other life would I like to have more.I still hope this.  But luckly there are still many years in front of me, before I am old and grey. And it is my job to make the most of them.


  1. Klara, I've just read your guest post and I love it!! I love that you recognised happiness is a choice - not that happiness is easy, but that we can choose to enjoy what we have. And you know, there are definitely days when I can feel the is no life I would like to have more.

  2. It's nearly impossible to explain how much growth and courage was required to get to where you are now. So proud and happy for you!

    Mali: well said!