Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fake friends & how lucky I am to have the Wolf

I wrote many e-greeting cards for New Year to my friends, ex-coworkers, ex-infertile friends. I got many nice wishes back.

One of ex-childless friend (she is a mom now to an adopted son from abroad) who lives only few kilometers from my home wrote me back that she misses me and that she would love to meet me again (this is one of friends that was part of my support group through IVF treatments).

I responded (naively) that I would love to see her as well and then I wrote down all dates in January where I am available (basically all days except 3 days).

And the respond was that January will be so full of activities in local kindergarten and besides that her little sunshine has birthday, so she will be without any available time (=just a note: I work full time and she took some years off work). So perhaps she would have time for me in February.

Am I meeting her in February? Definitely not! In March? Definitely not!
I prefer to be alone or spend time with my beloved Wolf.

I am taking the Wolf for a really long walk  (approx. 14 - 17 kilometers) now.
The Wolf has ALWAYS time for me :)


  1. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! That must've hurt so much, esp. since she was the one who first initiated wanting to meet. :-((( SORRY to hear about that!

    14-17 km sounds like a really long walk indeed! GOOD FOR YOU and Wolf! :-D

    1. dear Amel,
      the walk today was a bit shorter (only 10 kilometers long) since we are having terrible wind today.

      What I learned is that some ex-childless colleagues are the most horrible. For example - I let her now that I am available 20 evenings in January. And - she - since being a mom (and having so faboulous life) - is not available even one evening.

      Walking the Wolf does wonders. I feel much better now.

    2. 10 km is still quite a good walk. :-) Hope the wind doesn't do any damage, though.

      Yeah, I was just flabbergasted at that fact that she couldn't even spend just a few hours with you for just one day this month. It'd have been much better if she hadn't told you in the first place that she would have loved to meet again.

    3. I guess she didn't really want to meet me.
      She just needed somebody to boast, how lucky she is to have so busy-busy-busy life (thanks to adopted son).

      But - I am lucky. I have my Mattie, my best girl friend. I just returned from the second walk today, with her. She finds time for me every week (despite two little kids).

  2. Oh, puppy dog Andra and Mr. Rowan always have time for me... We love our walks - especially the long ones.

  3. I totally get you..... a friend I thought was close to me, had been there for me through the maze of medical appointments, surgery, question mark on whether I could have children or not-she knew how much I desired children so badly, and her telling me she doesn't want to have children.... and on just six days before I'd find out date of surgery (I called it execution day), she up and told me she's pregnant (not oops pregnancy, to boot)- well..we didn't talk to each other since then...and then she sent me a Xmas card. I was like WTF when I saw the address on envelope. I started to open it, and opened the flap to realize it was a baby photo. I turned over the photo not to look at it, and saw the writing on back "I miss you."

    I tossed it out in trash. Like you, I don't have time for fake friends.

    I too walk my dogs- well, we go on hikes, not walks! LOL There's a lovely national park nearby. :)

    1. Dear Wolfers,
      hugs to you!
      How I hate getting Christmas cards with cute babies on them.
      This year I got only one.
      Yup, hikes are much better then walks!