Thursday, January 17, 2013

Clever little girl

Not many families with children visit us.
There is one couple of friends that regularly visit us, always together with their 7-year-old daughter. She draws us a drawing each time when they visit us. Drawings have always the same motive: there is a sun, me, my DH and our Wolf. I am keeping the best of her drawings since she was 4.

Not long ago they visited us and it was really nice. To be frank, we don't really feel comfortable with families, but with this one we do. It comes so naturally- they have a child. We don't. No big deal. 

I showed for the first time all the drawings that I kept during last years and the little girl was thrilled to see them.

My friend (her Mum) looked at the oldest drawing and she commented: "Oh, it is lovely. What is here. I see the Sun, I see Klara, I see Klara's husband and what is here - oh yes, this is a brown baby stroller."

The little one was angry and she said: "Mum, can't you see? It is the Wolf!!!"

I could hug the little one. She is so clever. She knows exactly what belongs to a picture of our life.
Yes, our beloved Wolf.

(by the way: yes, I still wish we could have a daughter as perfect as this little girl. Not all dreams come true, it is just the fact of live. And I am OK with that. At least most of the time.)


  1. :) Always love it when kids correct their parents- I kinda have a friend like that, with three kids- I have liked seeing their kids (toddler, 3 and 11 years old). The 3 years old always go "Dogs!" everytime she sees me- referring to my dogs. :)
    Hopefully you could share a photo of your Wolf sometimes. :)

    1. dear Wolfers,
      I wrote one post - especially for you!

  2. I often wonder why some grow out of that divine sense of intuition about what is the right thing to say. I hope this little one always keeps that sixth sense alive and avoids the trap that so many adults fall into which is to only see the world through a narrow view.

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...that's a smart little girl indeed! :-) I LOVE Pamela's wish about the little girl. :-)

  4. I love your comments that it "just comes naturally" and "no big deal." I think that will give others hope that we can go on to have normal relationships with families and children. We don't always have to protect ourselves through isolation, even though there might be a time and place for that.

    I have a friend like that - she was pregnant during my ectopic pregnancies and IVFs. But it didn't affect us one bit. It came naturally - in fact, she visited me in hospital (for my second ectopic) when she was 7 months pregnant. And it didn't bother me! I can't believe I'm saying that, and I wish others had shared her approach that allowed our relationship to "come naturally."