Thursday, January 3, 2013


Overweight fat woman on the weight scale Stock Photo - 11259411

For the last few years I never watched my weight since it was only important to survive all failed IVFs.  I am not fat. But I really hate the fact that I can not zip beloved jeans from the year 2009. I hate all the fat on my belly.

Today is beautiful date: 3.1.13.  So here is my New Year's Resolution:
  • I will eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Limit  sugar intake.
  • Do more sport.
  • Start with pushups & excersises for arms.
  • Write a dairy of eaten food & sports... great way to analyze.
Today's weight: 71.6 kg.
Wish weight: 64.0 kg.  (I had that many kilogrames for my Honeymoon and felt great. Well, not only because of my kilogrames :)

I know that most of New Year's Resolutions don't work. But, is there any harm in trying?


  1. GOOD LUCKKKK!!!! I've also gained weight ever since I moved to Finland and I haven't succeeded in losing them, though I do try to exercise regularly (some weeks I do it more often than others) he he...Let's stay healthyyyyy one day at a time! :-D

  2. Good luck!! I am going to start a detox myself on the 7th with my husband. . .fingers crossed. You have a great plan in place.