Friday, March 12, 2021

Merci beaucoup


I've just had a French course that I love attending.  I was put for 15 minutes in a break-out-room with a 60-old-woman. We had to do a dialogue - I was interviewing her, so I asked plenty of questions. Some of the questions she helped to form - like this one - Are you married. So I asked her if she was married.  She replied in a very sad voice: "No, I am a widow."  I could see her pain and somehow I sensed that her loss was recent. So I said: "I am sorry for your loss." She looked directly into my eyes (well, she looked directly in the camera) and said: "Merci beaucoup."
It was a brief moment. But it meant a lot.

After working on the interview I asked her if she was planning to join the next level of the French course and she replied that she wasn't sure. I encouraged her to join. Her eyes sparkled and she said that she might.

I made a little difference in someone's life today. It is not a lot, but I feel good.


  1. Acknowledgment is priceless. <3 I'm glad you encouraged her to join the next level course.

  2. A little kindness goes a long way! <3

  3. You are so sweet! I'm sure your connection and friendship will leave a deep impression. Now I may have to brush up on my high school French. Qui sais?

  4. Beautiful. To show you care about someone's pain is such a gift. 💜