Friday, March 12, 2021



In my country we believe in healing powers of dandelion.  Picking up dandelion is a national hobby every spring. 

As I have written before, the only positive side of pandemic for me is having time. I love having time for picking the dandelion, cleaning it and then making a tasty salad. It is delicious is warm potatoes and eggs. I add also salt, good olive oil and vinegar. Bon appetit :)


  1. Oh yum! That salad looks delicious! I've never had dandelion before. In fact, I didn't know it was edible until I read about it on your blog previously. Enjoy!! :)

  2. So funny! Like Phoenix we only thought of them as weeds to be eradicated, not eaten. You're opening my mind ...

  3. Delicious AND very healthy! Well done, dear Klara <3.

  4. That looks so yummy! I've tried dandelion but it can be so bitter. I wonder if there are ways to adjust for that...Do you eat fiddleheads, too? Those are a big thing in Maine. I love seeing your Slovenian spring in action!

    1. Dear Jess, no, I have never heard that one could eat fiddleheads! This is so interesting.
      Yes, dandelions are a bit bitter... but you get used to the taste. And we believe that this bitterness is very healthy for the livers (but I am not sure if this is true).