Saturday, April 10, 2021

Paying forward


The topic about childlessness has become less and less important to me as the years are passing by. Writing this blog has helped me infinitely. Sometimes I wonder - does my writing still help anybody? I am not sure, but then sometimes something unexpected happens.

I see that someone reads (almost) all my post from the last 9 years within few days. I am deeply flattered, when I see that...  

Or I get an email from a young woman, a decade younger then me, who has just quit all infertility treatments and is accepting their childless life.  And she says that writing to a real person, who went through the same feelings ten years prior, helps her. 

I love that. This means I am still a needed part of this community. I may not be a mother... but I love the idea of being a big sister to someone who is in the hardest times of accepting childless life.  

I see that as paying forward... I will be forever grateful to all the women who had walked this path before me and have helped me. 


I have heard a beautiful sentence recently. "I'm not here just to be a mother, I'm here to be me." 

Sometimes I overthink - what is my role in this world since I am not a mother? 

Being me is just enough! 


  1. I notice that the topic of childlessness is not as central to my life as it once was. Sometimes I wonder if I still have things to write about. Then a day like last Thursday hits and I know I still have things to process.

    I am also surprised when I see that someone is reading a post I wrote years ago. I hope it helps them. I know how helpful your blog was to me during my darkest years.

    And yes! Being you is more than enough! I am so glad you are you and you are here! :)

  2. Dear Klara,
    yes, you are a big sister and an example for many of us! I'm grateful to have met you thanks to your blog :)
    Sending love,

  3. You are a wonderful big sister. I am so glad you are here too - though you are my little sister! I think we only ever hear from a fraction of the people we touch. I recently had a lovely message from someone who has dipped into and out of my blog over the years, and after years she wanted me to know how it has helped. But you know, even if you weren't writing here, you'd be enough, and you'd be valuable. The fact you write leaves an important legacy you'll never fully understand.

  4. I agree with the others above -- our blogs touch many more people than we'll ever realize!