Sunday, May 18, 2014

What are the names of your children?

I met one of my relatives on the street yesterday. She is nice, but we were never very much in contact, so it was the first time that I met her children (a girl is 4 and a boy is 3).

I invited them to the nearest play ground (small and hidden) that I know that kids usually love. So did they. 

The boy was quiet. But the girl and me really liked each other - it was cute to be able to connect with 4-year-old that I just met.   She asked me many questions. And then suddenly she asked me what were the names of my children.

I  responded that I did not have children. But that my name is Klara (she did not know my name before) and that my mum's name is X. 

And - the little girl was more than satisfied with the answer. No additional questions (on that issue) were asked.

I wish the adults would learn something from that clever little girl!