Saturday, May 3, 2014

Young parents

I literally do not know anybody that has so young parents as I do. 
I am over 40. And none of them is even 60. 
It is really funny: I am in an age group 40+.  And they are in the age group 50+.  
They are both extremly fit - their favourite hobby is going to the mountains. Right now they are travelling around my favourite part of the world - Dalmatian islands. 
(photo above taken by me, few years ago).

Not long ago I told my mother: "It was really hard to me when I was little, having teenage parents, because you were too young. But now - having so young parents - is the best thing ever."


  1. PS: I prefer not to think, how old parents our child would have (if our wish came true now)

  2. True about the benefits of having young parents. I have older parents because they got married late (well, much later than their peer).

  3. My parents married & had me fairly young as well (my mom & I are exactly 20 years and 6 days apart). There are/were pros & cons. Mom had both me & my sister out of the house (away at university) before she was 40, & when I was 40, I was still struggling to have a baby. I think there has to be a happy medium somewhere. ;)