Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two days off

Today is a national holiday in my country and so is tomorrow. It is really great not having to go to work for whole 2 days!

DH had to work, so I made myself a beautiful day. I went for a long walk with my beloved Wolf, we walked 16 kilometers (10 miles). We had a great time together. He enjoyed it a lot... going to far away places that we usually do not go.

I did not take any photos today, so I am attaching a photo taken in the summer, from our walk to the mountains.  Isn't my Wolf handsome?

This week all schools have a week off. So literally all coworkers with kids took the whole week off. It was quite annoying - all the talking about different activities / holidays etc.  I stopped counting how many times I was asked where I would go for holidays this week. I invented the sentence: "I never go on holiday when EVERYBODY else goes." Without explaining any further. None of nobody's business.


  1. Wolf is very handsome. Have a good couple days off work.

  2. Wolf is definitely handsome! :-D Glad to know you've had some days off. Being bombarded with so many questions and all that talk can be too much indeed, but you're right. It's none of their business. :-)

  3. Shepherds are wonderful dogs - so smart and in my eyes - so handsome and beautiful. Such loyal creatures.

    Our Andra is a rescue, and came to us with so many problems...but she is just so loyal that we can't help to love her to death - including all of her issues.

    Our pups are wonderful - and we to share hiking, walking, and running with them.