Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please, keep my fingers crossed for me!

I spent many sad days in the last 10 years because of my infertility. There were lots of sadness, grieving, anger, envy...

Today I had a moment when I realized that all those negative feelings do not make any more sense. I do not want them in my life any more. And that I am really really OK by being without children. As long as I am healthy nothing else really matters.

I had mammography today. First of all the doctor checked my breasts manually (sorry for the expression, I don't know the right one). And she could feel something suspicious, she said that it could be tumor and that mammogram will show.

Then I had mammography. It hurt. The doctor was unfriendly and rough.

I will get the results within 3 - 4 weeks.

I guess everything will be OK. But I am still scared a bit.

Please, keep my fingers crossed for me!


I felt really down when leaving hospital.
A really long walk with my beloved Wolf helped me.


  1. Oh, Klara, (((HUGS))). I know many women who have had a lump in their breast that turned out to be nothing serious. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Please let us know when you hear the results.

    1. dear Loribeth,
      thank you for your kind words!

  2. HUGE HUGS!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed (both hands!!!) Hope the result is fine and they find nothing dangerous. SORRY to hear that the day wasn't good, but I hope that tomorrow the sun is shining inside you again. Just like your icon! :-)

  3. So sorry to hear this and it gave you another thing to worry about. I truly hope it's not serious. hugs.

  4. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It is definitely scary, but I am sure it will turn out fine. I had a similar scare this past year back in April. Mine hurt as well too and it didn't help having a not friendly and rough tech too. In the end after having a biospy it turned out fine. I go back for my 6-month checkup the end of this month and hoping all is status quo. Big hugs to you, Klara.

  5. Fingers and toes crossed. Mammograms can be so scary. Two years ago I had one that came back suspicious and the doctor called me back for a more in depth look. The time between the appointments was nerve-wracking. Keeping you in my thoughts ox

  6. So sad, I went through the same thing 2 years ago, it is such a stressing situation. I will be keeping my fingers cross for you

  7. Hi Klara, after my first mammogram when I was 40, my doctor called back to tell me they wanted to make sure everything was ok, as they had some concerns. I went back for a diagnostic mammogram, which hurt quite a bit. I learned I had microcalcifications which could be an early sign of breast cancer, but depending on the way that they are dispersed, shaped, etc. It turned out ok. But, I have fibrocystic breasts and they wanted to do a sonogram. It turns out I had a bunch of cysts, inflamed milk duct??, but nothing else. I went to see a breast surgeon who read the results and all was ok. This whole thing took over a month, and I was a nervous wreck. My advise is just keep your mind off of it as much as possible. Watch some movies, have some fun. I'll keep you in my thoughts and send you many positive vibes!! Make sure you take plenty of vitamin D.

  8. dear friends,
    thank you for all your kind wishes and for sharing your experiences.

  9. I'm sorry Klara, and I am thinking of you. I had my first mammogram this year and during my endo surgery earlier this year they also removed a cyst from my breast.