Friday, October 5, 2012


The last time that I went to see my gyn, she told me that since not giving birth, I have increased possibility of breast cancer (obviously I knew that already). She sends all her childless patients to mammography when they are 40. And at 50, if they have children.

I got a date for the test yesterday, but I have to reschedule it (few days of a new business trip are waiting for me at the end of October!).

Arranging an appointment at the hospital brings many memories back. And they are not nice...


  1. Wow, that's odd. Cos yesterday I got a call from our local breast cancer screening service saying they had a few short-notice appointments, and did I want one.

    We don't have to go to the hospital - we go to the mobile unit. You can read about my first experience here -

    1. that's interesting, the mobile units. We don't have mobile units, so I have to go to the place where the mammograph is situated. It is in a hospital in neighbouring city (that has the population of 20.000, so mobile units wouldn't be really useful).

  2. I hope it goes well and when the day comes, it doesn't make you too sad.

  3. Sorry about the sad memories. It is hard to go back to a place that carries them. This is one reason why I ended up switching my ob/gyn because it was too difficult to go back to that office. I go to a mammogram center in an office building and I got a notice the other day to go back for my 6 month check-up due to the fact this past April I had to have a biospy done...UGH. Not a great memory now for me to have to go back there, but I will be doing it for my health at the end of this month. I was told I had to start getting screened at 40 childless or not and I don't have history of breast cancer in my immediate family either. Sending good thoughts you way.

  4. My dr sends all his patients starting at age 40, so I've been going for awhile. I go to the same hospital where I went for all my pregnancy appointments & tests -- thankfully not on the same floor, at least. I can't say it's my favourite way to spend an afternoon, but the test itself is really nothing to be afraid of, & I am grateful that the technology exists (if there is something there, I want to know about it sooner rather than later). There is a definitely "ouch!" factor, but it is over with quickly. Try not to schedule it during your period, if you can, and take a couple of ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment. I hope all goes well!