Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wolfie & my aunt

I am having some tough time with Wolfie. I knew in advance there would be days when I would regret taking him home (it was the same when my beloved Wolf was a puppy). I know it will get better and that he will become a great dog. But now it is just hard dealing with land shark.

(just a note: when you watch Dog Whisperer everything seems so easy. But I am not a dominant type, neither is my DH, so nothing is easy).

But then, there are some moments when Wolfie just melts my heart. See the photo. We visited my mum's childless 83-year-old aunt and Wolfie was just perfect with her. He stayed close to her and enjoyed being cuddled. And the aunt had some wonderful moments. Just priceless.

(this made me think - who will visit me - when I am old and helpless? I hope there will be some kind young soul that will bring me a puppy to cuddle).


  1. HUGS! It is tough right now. Puppies are little jerks. It will get better, I promise.

    We didn't find Dog Whisperer to be particularly helpful either. For the same reason.

    Wolfe with your aunt is just priceless!

  2. Hi Klara, we had the same here. A young hunting dog - you know - and the first year really was a challenge :) More than with all other puppies before. But things will get better...Now it is great. (he is about one and half year now)

    You must not be dominant and I am no fan of CM. I am absolutely with you.
    "Only" very, very consequent with all your (inter)action.
    Maybe you find a positive dog trainer near by ? For me it was helpfull to have one professional by my side with this dog.

    Do you know Victoria Stilwell (and also on youtube)
    or Zac George ?
    They are helpfull also I think.

    Big hughs for Wolfie :) .. and for you too, of course

    1. thanks for hugs and kind words and the links.

  3. I really love that photo. An aged hand reaching out to caress the puppy. It is a well known fact that elderly people gain a lot of comfort and benefit from contact with pets, like cats and dogs. A friend of mine takes her dog to visit elderly people in a home near where she lives. I have long wished that my mother would agree to have a pet. I will have cats when I am old. I hope. No, I am sure I will.

    And from what I know of you, if you don't have a puppy yourself when you are old, then there will be many young people who will want to take one to you to cuddle.

  4. I haven't been blog-hopping/blogging for a while. I'm glad you have a new dog now and ALL THE BEST during this challenging time. I've never had a dog, but I can guess your young Wolfie is testing who's being the boss, no?

    Your question at the end of the post makes me think of my own life, as well. (((HUGS))) I have no answers, but I try to focus more on the present because I don't even know if I'm going to live that long. I'll deal with it when/if the time comes.