Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Wolfie

I have an extremely cute reason why I haven't been blogging lately. Photos attached :) 

We were owning a lovely puppy for two days. 
On the third day our lovely puppy turned into a land shark. 

Luckily he has met most of the children that are part of my life within the first two days. Children just love him, especially my older niece (aged almost 8).  

One of her questions was: "How long will he live with you?"
I replied : "We hope we will have him for at least ten years." 
She asked: "And then?"
I replied: "Then he will die. He will join our beloved Wolf." 
She was horrified: "But ten years is so little time!". 

I couldn't agree more with her.   

I have heard some silly comments lately (but not addressed directly to me), that childless people are compensating lack of children with pets. That pets are substitutes for children.  

This assumption is just stupid.   Since I know already now that when I am in my early fifties, there will be no Wolfie. 

With my beloved Wolf I learned how short and precious life is. You just have to enjoy life, day by day, to the fullest you can.  

I am looking forward to the time that Wolfie grows and will be strong enough for all the long walks. 


  1. There is a reason that puppies are so darn cute.....it's essential for species survival! :)

    We do need to enjoy every single day. Dogs are good at teaching us this skill.

    Pets are wonderful but they are not a substitute for children. People who say that are ignorant!

  2. He's perfect, Klara! That face is precious. Enjoy your new love.

  3. He's adorable! Enjoy every day with him.

  4. I know lots of families that have pets and children. In fact, we always had half a dozen (or more) cats living at our house (most were outside pets). I love my furbabies, but I realize that they are no substitute for a baby.

    Landshark, that is what I should start calling my one cat. I love it!

  5. What a handsome fellow! Love his confidence and passion.

    And, yes, the temporal nature of life is an important lesson. One more reason we must embrace each day and live in all the splendor of the moment...

    p.s. Give the Wolfie a scratch for me.

  6. Absolutely adorable. :) May he bring you much joy for many years!

  7. Awe! Cute little guy! I wonder if those ears will learn to stand up...

  8. I hate this, I just wrote out a whole comment, then when I choose the "comment as" button" it erases the whole dang thing! Anyway, congrats on the new puppy!

    In regards to the biting, I always stuff the side of my hand far back into their mouth. They really want to nip and nibble, and do not want your whole hand stuffed into their mouth. After he backs off, offer him a toy or other "approved" chew item!

    The one that I have more trouble with it the heel nipping. My husband moves more quickly than me, so he lifts his foot backwards (not hard) so that the puppy's jaw connects with his heel, and snaps shut. They learn quickly that nipping is NOT fun!

  9. I have always loved this quote

    "I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?" ~Sir Walter Scott

    Enjoy your pup, every moment with a dog is pure heaven (even it it seems closer to hell!). I know you are a wonderful person because you love animals! <3