Thursday, May 7, 2015

In God we trust

I love leaving small influences in other people's children. The list is already long, only two cute stories from this week.

I was teaching Daisy when she noticed some American coins on our shelves. I took 1 cent and gave it to her, as a fortune bringer. She was admiring the coin. I will be forever the first person who explained what "In God we trust" written on the coin means. And I will be the first who taught her where on the map the USA is.

My best friend's children did a lot of fun things during the spring holidays. They went to the seaside to Croatia for some days / went to the cinema / went swimming to aqua park / visited lots of friends who have children. After coming back to school her son (aged 9) had to write a homework what he did during holidays. The title of his homework was: "The day that I met Wolfie". And all the text was just about meeting my puppy! And when writing he asked his mom: "What is Klara to me? Is she my aunt?"

How sweet is that?


  1. Those are two great stories! You are an aunt to many!

  2. Oh, that gorgeous boy! Yes, you're his aunt, even if not related by blood. I remember my friend telling me that her son, on hearing I was going to visit, said "oh good, I love Auntie Mali." It really touched me - especially as last time I saw him he was a sullen 15 year old and just grunted at me!

  3. I had lots of honorary grandparents & aunties when I was growing up. We lived far away from our family when I was little, and they helped to fill the gap. Love that your friend's son chose to write about Wolfie. :)