Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beautiful photos from Normandy

I was away abroad for couple of days and did not check my personal email on my business laptop. So it was today when I got an email from Normandy, opened it, saw tons of beautiful photos and I just started to cry. I was so deeply touched by kindness of people that I don't even know in person. 

So dear Irouwen - thank you so much for taking all beautiful photos (my favourite are the ones that name of the uncle is seen, with a candle and flowers). 
And dear Kaymet - thank you for helping me finding Irouwen.  

Things like that make the world a beautiful place to live in. 

I can not wait to develop the photos and show them to my father-in-law on Saturday. 

There is one more thing that I feel I have to write down. Until now, in the blogging world, whenever one of my bloggie friends got a baby after dealing with infertility, I was happy for her, but always heart-broken for me. As part of self-preservation I just stopped following their blogs.  So I was deeply ashamed & happy at the same time, when I saw Kaymet's post:

You see, Kaymet is a mother of only few-months-old baby and yet she took time for helping me. 

And also Irouwen is a mother of little children. And yet she took time to visit Caen, found uncle's grave, lit him the first candle in 69 years and brought him beautiful flowers. 

I hope to meet Kaymet and Irouwen and their children one day. Those children are so lucky. They are born to mothers who have heart of gold. 


  1. Dear Klara, your post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for your nice words!
    Please do not feel ashamed; it is so understandable to react as you say, by no longer following the blogs. I know how it feels as I've walked that route for years, but ended up one of the lucky ones.
    I am happy to have been able to help and am very much looking forward to your father-in-law's reaction.
    And I hope we'll meet in the near future, in beautiful Slovenia or in the south of France!

  2. That is so wonderful! I'm really happy for you, DH and FIL.