Saturday, May 25, 2013

Looking forward to August

Only nice things are happening to me lately.

My dear bloggie friend, Mali, is coming to my country in August.
Can't wait to meet her in person!

The year that I am turning 40 will be full of beautiful meetings. It means a lot to me. To really talk to women who walked the path of leaving their 30s behind them and realizing & accepting that motherhood will never be a part of their lives.

It is a beautiful Saturday morning. It is cold and it is raining cats and dogs. I am home alone. So I have time to visit my two nieces.

One luxury that aunts can have (and mothers can't): I can have the favourite child. It is my youngest niece, who is a year and a half. She starts to scream with joy, whenever she sees me. 

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  1. ENJOY having your niece with you! :-) And you're so lucky to be able to meet Pamela and Mali as well this year! WOWIE!!!