Friday, May 3, 2013

I would rather puke

I needed a gift for my beloved nieces (1 and 5 years) today. I wanted to buy something small and nice for them so I went to a shop for babies.

I used to have problems with entering to baby shops years ago. I overcame this and now I usually really enjoy looking for things for them. Not today.

Before entering to the shop there was a huge sigh in front of the shop saying:

1st Friday of the month is the day of lucky pregnant bellies
10 % discount

I remembered The Catcher of the Rye and his famous sentence "I would rather puke".

I did not enter the shop.
I will never enter that shop again.

Luckily there is Bookdepository so it is always very easy to order a book online.

Another 7 days until our main holiday for this year. I can't wait!!!


  1. Yuck. (The pregnant belly thing).

    Yay. (The holiday thing).

  2. I understand well that you were not enter the shop:)

    I hope you have the best holiday! :) How long holiday do you have each year? (In Norway we have 5 weeks)


    1. Minimum days of holidays are 18 if you have contract.
      I have already 21 days off per year which means 4 weeks and 1 day. If you combine well with national holidays this means 5 weeks off. Quite a lot!