Friday, May 17, 2013

Life is more than good: meeting friends in Dalmatia

We spent a wonderful week in Dalmatia. I am attaching some photos of Zadar, Dubrovnik, island Hvar and Split. 
The best part of our holidays was meeting our friends. It is hard to imagine that 2 years ago we didn't even know each other. And now we are like dream team – having so much fun together. Some deep conversation. Lots of tasty Croatian beer. 

We feel safe with them – nothing that they say can hurt us (majority of the people we know have kids and even if we know it is not intentionally, we are hurt sometimes). For example– it was lovely to watch both men discuss their nephews & nieces (all four are approximately the same age). Proud uncles! You can not discuss nephews & nieces with people who are parents –unintentionally they give you the feeling that nephews don't really matter. But for us – who don't have children of our own – nephews and nieces are the closest to our genes that will remain when we are gone.  
While driving back home we kept seeing cute billboards with commercial for Karlovačko beer. And whenever we saw it, we thought of our friends & all the lovely moments we had together.

Slogan in Croatian says: "Ništa ne može razdvojiti prijatelje & Karlovačko"
Translation: "Nothing can separate friends & beer Karlovačko"

Dear P&A: we are already looking forward to our next meeting!!! 












  1. What gorgeous places!!! I bet you did have so much fun with P+A he he he...gotta drag hubby to visit someday! :-D But first, save moneyyyyy he he...

  2. Sigh. That brings back so many memories from two years ago. Glad you had such a fabulous time.

  3. Gorgeous!! (And jealous!! lol) Glad you all had fun together! :)

  4. Glad to hear that you had a nice trip with your friends :)
    Beautiful photoes and places!

  5. I appreciated your comments about nieces and nephews. I hadn't realized it until reading it, but parents don't understand our connection to our nieces and nephews.

  6. Lovely photos! Sounds like a fabulous trip.

    What is in the surf in the one photo?! Is it a person?

    1. hi Katrynka, it is a boat. Only because of the distance it looks like a surf. Otherwise there are plenty of surfs on Adriatic coast in the summer.

  7. Beautiful and glorious photos, I envy you for the travels!!!

    I'm getting to understand why I feel an attractment to my nephew (the only child so far from brother), as you said, the only closest child we'd get to help raise if possible, after we pass away. Only if I could get to see the nephew, yet! :P I hadn't seen him in person- only in photos so far. I'm hoping to meet him in August- excited yet terrified.

    Keep traveling, Klara- and take photos, so we'd all be with you in spirit! :)