Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So, how many children do you have? Two?

I got a phone call today from one of the members of the board of the company where I work. I was surprised - big bosses never contact me directly (they actually never talk to me).  It turned out that he needed a little help - I went to his office just to make a phone call, using a foreign language that nobody in the top management speaks.  Purpose of the phone call was to buy a present for his wife (5 year anniversary of the wedding, already two lovely kids - I saw their photo on the screen of his computer). 

We started to talk a bit about life outside the offices and we discovered that we both like the same type of houses. We discussed advantages of prefabricated houses and then suddenly came the question.

He asked: "So, how many children do you have? Two?"
Me: "No. We don't have any kids. We need a house just for the two of us."
He (meaningfully): "I see... you decided to wait a bit."

(total shock: it really is a course if you are aged 40 and look like 35.... he thought that our plan was to build a house first and THEN have children).

Me: "No, we are too old for that."

He was confused first. Then he looked into my eyes and instantly realized that this is a subject I do not wish to discuss further. So he just changed subject to a safe subject. And I was grateful for that. 

I really admire this man's IQ and EQ. Not many people have both of them.

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  1. I'm glad too, too. Not many as you said, have both of IQ and EQ...