Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old pregnant celebreties and feeling sorry for my broken eggs

I hate when celebrities aged 45+ are announcing their pregnancies (I don't want to attrack attention of Mr. Google, so I won't write down any names).

It just gives wrong impression to the society - that anybody can get pregnant at any time.

If my eggs weren't good enough to get pregnant when I was 30, it for sure won't happen when I am 40.


  1. I hear you..... I did consider to have my eggs frozen, but to hear from the doctor, making a long list of what eggs are like at my age, increasing risk of long-term affects to children (that is if the eggs even conceive in first place), and to read about celebrities who are older than me, I'm SO tempted to smack them a new face. But that's me.

  2. I agree. My RE would tell me that we only hear of the success stories using donor eggs...that these women never could have gotten pregnant without them. And for every success story, there's hundreds of other women who did not see the BFP. And you're right...it's like a scab has been pulled off and I'm bleeding yet again. Maybe someday, it will be dried up and the scab will blow off into the breeze. But not today.

  3. I caught that on E News, and just said to myself, well she can afford nanny's etc. Me, I think now that I just wouldn't have the energy for kids. Good luck to them. It is good to see celeb's on the other end of the fertility scale speaking out these days too.