Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Living happily ever after (after stepping out of crazy IVF-train)

I spent 6 whole years for 10 IVF attempts, so you can imagine I spent lots of time reading various forums that have only one topic: how to make IVF work out.  As years were passing by, I felt heartbroken & cheated. Why did it seem that IVF works for everybody except me?

For me the important step to recovery was that I stopped reading those IVF-forums. It was not easy to stop. Luckily I found also some great blogs (living happily after infertility) and they really helped. 

I never ever have a wish to check "old" forums any more. I just don't want to know about all the babies born with IVFs. I am happy for all the parents who found their happiness.

I am on a way to find my own happines. It will be different, but not less beautiful.

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