Saturday, March 30, 2013

I will never be a mother-in-law and I don't care :)

There is one traditional pastry that we always eat for all major holidays (Christmas, Easter...) - potica. Really delicious (sweet, with walnuts).

My mother in law asked me today, while baking potica: "Are you going to bake it yourself, later on at home?" And I replied "No, I don't have to, since I have a mother-in-law."

And her reply was: "Well, when you become mother-in-law yourself, then you will have to bake it."

(my mother-in-law is already 80, she has serious dementia (Alzheimer, early stage), so she doesn't know any more, that I am beyond the age of having kids).

Her reply didn't make me sad.

I am still sad sometimes that I will never be a mother.

But I really do not care that I will never be a mother-in-law :)


  1. This made me laugh! Especially thinking about my own mother-in-law. I agreed with you, knowing that I am glad I won't be a mother-in-law. But then I thought of my mother - she has some good son-in-laws. And I know I'm a good daughter-in-law. Perhaps I'm a little sad I won't have that in my old age. But there are no guarantees in life - and knowing my luck I would have had in-laws I despised!

  2. The pastry sounds wonderful (walnuts is my favoritt nuts)

    I think of my own grandmother when I read about your mother-in-law. My grandmother is 93.She don't have dementia, but she forgets alot. She is always asking us when we are having children (still she knows we cant have them without IVF)

    Hoping that your mother-in-law disease continue to be in an early stage for years to come.


  3. I know definitely I'd probably be glad that I'd not be a mother-in-law. I'm a lousy cook (believe it or not), I am not much for presents, so there'd be not much presents for kids (grandkids), all that. :) So good point about being sad about not being a mother, but glad that one'd not have to be a mother-in-law. :D