Thursday, March 21, 2013

Since I don't have any children any more

I have to write down extra cute & sad story  that my husband told me today.

He visited a client and while chatting they discovered they have something in common: both of them have a  sick dog (her dog is actually much sicker then ours).

The client said: "Since I don't have any children any more, this dog means so much to me" and then she started crying.

I feel sorry for her and for the dog.

But what I found so interesting is her sentence. Because she does have children (my age) and she does have lots of grandchildren. So I found this sentence so interesting...

(I know she wanted actually to say that her children do not live at home any more... but I still found her sentence cute )

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  1. Klara, her comment is interesting, as I've been having a discussion with a friend whose children have left home too. I'm going to post it sometime soon, once I've confirmed with her I've reflected her views accurately.